Rev. kasey teaches rev. ike and the s.o.l. philosophy

class BEGINS 29 MAY 2021 @ 7pm via zoom

Registration information will be sent via email upon request

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This is a 52-week class:

  • Learn the Mystic Secrets of life

  • Learn the Wisdom of esoteric truths

  • Know "The Science of Thought Engineering"

  • Become aware of the wonders of your Subconscious Mind

  • Learn and use the fundamental keys of Mind Science

  • Discover how to use Visualization, Affirmation and Meditation to attract your deepest desires

  • Learn the Divine Truth about yourself

  • Demonstrate the Presence, Power and Intelligence of GOD-in-you

  • Discover what GOD is in you

  • Learn how to use the GOD Power positively in Divine, right ways

  • Learn how to have your pie "NOW"

  • Learn how to create a Healthy, Joyful and Prosperous experience

In this course:

  • We cover how you can experience and enjoy all the riches of life (Health, Wealth, Happiness, Love, Peace, Prosperity, Good Success, Infinite Money, etc) through the correct and proper use of your divine mind power.

  • We cover the techniques, strategies, tools, tips, principles, and technologies of mind science.

  • We cover the science of self, the spiritual self, the divine self.

  • We cover how to unlearn error and learn truth.