If you truly want this book to work for you - as you work the affirmative truths inside - play around and have fun in every section with the awareness that you are a magnet which attracts money in abundance. In this ebook, you will find powerful keys, within the affirmative truths, which can unlock unlimited money within you. These concepts are based on that which we call GOD, the rich and unlimited root of our being. Here, you will gain insights and learn powerful money consciousness terms which the energy of money responds to. Fill and saturate your mind with these truths. When it comes to attracting unlimited money, think luxuriously and elegantly and lavishly. Herein, you will find the tools and discover some pointers as to what to say to the energy of money. (I've added a bonus section inside which will aid you in this.) Lighten up, let's have some fun, and let's attract unlimited money.

The Rich and Unlimited Root of My Being

  • * attract unlimited money through the power of your spoken word

    * money condition your mind

    * get definite with money

    * watch what you utter

    * speed up your demonstration

    * know who you work for

    * sound vibrations

    * enjoy the realm of lavish abundance on the invisible and visible planes

    * speak powerfully

    * know what you are voicing